April 9, 2008: Blind Eye


To The Editor:
On March 19 at the Roxbury Planning Board meeting, I asked the planning board to ask a question of the engineer from Labella. In the Moresville Energy documents, Stamford Application appendix H, and the DEIS appendix O, was a statement by the manufacturer (Vestas) concerning their employees and maintenance workers. In the Safety Regulations for Operators and Technicians, section 2, it tells employees “Do not stay within a radius of (1,300 feet) from the turbine unless it is necessary.”
One or two days later, Invenergy answered that question by simply removing this information from their Web site. A typical underhanded solution for a large corporation. Yes, once again big profits before public health and safety. The wind companies would like you to believe their propaganda, children doing cartwheels in front of wind turbines, as if it were some kind of amusement park. When in fact they are telling their employees to stay 1,300 feet away after their work is done! Maybe some can be convinced with free pizza and beer, sponsored by Invenergy, but the message is clear for those who can see, there are obviously major health and safety issues within at least 1,300 feet from a turbine.
What do the town boards of Roxbury and Stamford, and the town attorneys think of Invenergy altering already submitted documents on the Moresville Energy website Will these actions be condoned by the attorneys and town supervisors of Roxbury and Stamford? How many other health and safety facts about this wind project have been deleted, in order to minimize opposition?
Invenergy will bend it, twist it, turn it upside down, but at the end of the day it’s clear Invenergy will do whatever it takes to make their millions, even if it puts the public in danger. Will adjacent property owners have to erect a fence within their own property, a section 1,300 feet from a turbine, to ensure their children are safe?
The big question is: Will the town boards and attorneys of Stamford and Roxbury, turn a blind eye and not act on this information? With a setback of 615 feet in Roxbury, 1,000 feet to a property line in Stamford, I would like to go on record, and strongly suggest that both towns amend their wind laws to at least a 1,300 feet setback to an adjacent property line.

Ken Haas,