April 23, 2008: Be fair in news coverage of events


To The Editor:
As I read the article about the Halcottsville Bridge I realized that not all the facts were added to your story of what happened on the night of the town meeting.
We (the residents of Upper Bragg Hollow and Biruk Rd.) were there because we were under the impression that the bridge would not be rebuilt. So we came in support and to say how vital the bridge is to us on this side of the road for health and fire situations.
A Halcottsville fireman was there to state that it takes an additional 10 minutes to go around the pond for any calls. The way it is now, utility trucks, fire and school buses must go around due to weight limitations. So for those who have had a heart attack (like myself) time is of the essence.
Another point I would like to say is, a few years ago our little hamlet was approached to have a meeting and the topic was that our bridge was going to be replaced, but a thought was to replace it with a covered bridge like what was there in the past. We all were very excited at the thought of it. Funding came from the O’Connor Foundation to make up the difference in cost. At this recent meeting we found out that legal procedures with Mr. Kelly have eaten away that funding! Mr. Kelly, you have shot yourself in the foot; you out of all of us would have benefited with this historic replacement covered bridge. This would have enticed people to come and see our quaint town, your pond and kayaking facilities.
Finally, the story read like Mr. Kelly was present at the meeting and he was there to respond to Mr. Utter’s statements. You should have written that Mr. Kelly was contacted and he responded this way…
So, in ending, I would like a more fair and balanced (no matter how little information given) article from the Catskill Mountain News and yes I do watch Fox News!

Natalie Ormiston,