April 16, 2008: Tax breaks



To The Editor:

Our community needs to be supported by our local governments. When there are floods or fires  that hurt the little guy, people turn to local government to help out. Delaware County leaders have dropped the ball recently. They have insisted on receiving “tipping fees” before people can dispose of the debris of the floods and from the recent fire at Brookside Hardware.

Now they are talking about giving the proposed Catskill resort tax breaks. Why do millionaire investors, building a playground for very wealthy guests need tax breaks? They do not. Any elected representative that thinks they do has lost touch with the community. This should be remembered during the elections this fall.

Here are two suggestions for targeted tax breaks that will help the whole community. Let’s give limited tax breaks (3-5 years?) to any business or individual rebuilding following a disaster. Let’s help them rebuild and get back on their feet. The CWC consistently steps up to the plate. We need our elected leaders to follow this example. 

Also, let’s give Margaretville Telephone Company tax breaks and other incentives to bring fiber optic services and cell phone services to our community. High-speed access to Internet service is essential in the 21st Century. New businesses are looking for places where they can compete successfully.  

Easy access to the Internet and to cell phone service will make our community a more likely destination for new business and new tourism. 

Richard A. Siegel, New Kingston