April 16, 2008: Needs reasons



To The Editor:

The Village of Fleischmanns is proposing to erect a water tower. The reason is ostensibly to provide a backup in the event the springs dry up and the wells run dry.

In a village awash in water, it seems we are spending an awful lot of money on it.

First, we sell two wells for $15,000, then we turn right around and propose to drill two new wells to replace the ones that were sold off. Now we’re adding a water tower. Do you hear the sound of money going down the drain?

To pay for these water projects village residents will need to raise matching funds to qualify for grants. So what are we on the hook for? Does anybody know?

It boggles the mind to think how, after more than a century of abundant water for dozens of resort hotels and swarms of summer visitors alike, we are suddenly being told  to prepare for water emergencies. Are the springs going dry? Or are our taxes just funding  make-work projects?

The situation is serious enough to demand that the village property owners be provided with clear reasons why all of these projects need to be undertaken and exactly how much they will cost. If our recent experience with the sewers is any indication, things will wind up costing a lot more than we are led to believe, with us property owners left holding the bag.

V. Szerko, Fleischmanns