April 16, 2008: Happy trails



To The Editor:

I would like to express my sadness at Joan Lawrence-Bauer’s plans to leave the MARK Group.  This sounds corny, but since February 2007, she has been the wind beneath Cornerstone Health & Fitness’ wings – really, and a fine friend to Roger and me.  She is probably the last person in a position of influence in the community that still sees the potential in everyone and every situation she encounters.  In other words, she has the gift of believing things can always turn out for the best if you work for it.  

When Roger and I had a small sum to invest in a business, we wanted to do something that would be life enhancing.  She felt the Cardio Club could be saved and improved in the right hands and away we all went.  She worked with us for four months on a business plan and a million other parts and pieces to the business puzzle.  We were awarded a small, low interest loan with reasonable terms.  

For us, it kept us in business until we could fly solo.  We are almost to our one-year anniversary and have already expanded our services and programs.  She has guided us and cheered for us the whole way, because lives were being changed through our offerings. 

There were many nights when Roger and I thought we were the only crazy people going home at 9 p.m. after having worked since 8 a.m.  But as we would drive by Joan’s office, there her lights would be on and she would be writing away on her computer. She is a dedicated, passionate professional woman who does a female-heart justice.  

The arena she has recently found herself in is, to me, negative and malicious. Why? I am glad and hopeful that her new position will bring her the kudos and satisfaction she so deserves. 

Happy trails to you, Joan. We’ll see you at the gym!

Joan Cogan, Cornerstone Health & Fitness, Arkville