April 16, 2008: Great honor



To The Editor:

Since it was virtually impossible to thank all the people that attended the Belleayre Mountain Hall of Fame Ceremony on my behalf on April 5, I would like to do so at this time.

I grew up on Belleayre Mountain, first skied the mountain in 1931, and retired from the mountain in 1990. Belleayre Mountain has always been a place that I loved with a special place in my heart.

My introduction into the Belleayre Hall of Fame has been one of the most rewarding achievements of my life. It is like coming home to roost. 

Again, thanks so much to all of you that attended on my behalf and to those responsible for electing me to the 2008 Hall of Fame. It is a great honor.


Robert “Bob” Munro, Highmount