April 15, 2009: Health Care


To the Editor:
Hippocrates, the founder of clinical medicine and author of the code doctors practice by, was erased from the health system more then 67 years ago. His code died at the start of WW2. It’s true.
The start of the medical-cost crisis dates right back to the WW2 industrial mobilization. In those days wage and price controls were imposed on the entire country. As a means of evading the wage caps and to attract better-qualified workers, government contractors first began offering medical insurance plans as a fringe benefit. Up in the front office, this insurance was accounted for as overhead and not direct wages. Therefore it wasn’t counted as a pay raise by Roosevelt’s conspirers. The contractor then passed this cost over to “the government” (actually to the grandparents and great-grandparents) on his cost-plus contract. This, in turn, encouraged waste and incompetence since whatever it cost a company to produce war goods; government guaranteed the company 10 percent profit.
This communist mentality permeates nearly everything today. The medical profession quickly noticed that they too were essentially on a cost-plus fee basis. Here was the genesis of reduced medical access, especially in rural areas and also higher prices. The ‘house call’ started its rapid demise at this time. This system had the added fringe benefit of crippling the labor competitiveness of businesses owned and operated by persons unwilling to toe FDR’s line. I am well aware that many of the older generation cling to the belief that FDR was next to god. The truth is it was his policies that led our nation into a war against the wishes of the great majority of Americans.
The birth of health insurance was fueled by the military in concert with FDR’S government and cost each service man about $7 or $8. Almost over night the insurance companies were blessed with millions of new customers. They do not care about you as a person but only as an income source. Today the American public is saddled with a health system that is below par when compared to other western countries. A medical need in a low-income family can be devastating as most cannot afford insurance. To be eligible for Medicaid in New York State a couple’s monthly income must not exceed $900 and there are other requirements. Nine hundred dollars is $240 below federal poverty guidelines and is no way a living wage.
Meanwhile, American taxpayers pay billions of dollars a year for Medicaid for illegal aliens. Americans are the only people in the world who put other people’s interests and welfare ahead of their own. They worry and support other people’s children, they send billions to Africa to bolster heath cost there. Our country needs to take care of its own.
Where is it written that the USA must support the world to the determent of its own citizens? Does all of this compute?

Stuart E Buswell,