Andes taxpayers beware


To The Editor:
Town of Andes Assessor Tina Moshier works five days a week and is paid $39,000 a year. She also receives a family health plan, fully paid for by the town. Her total salary and benefit package costs the town approximately $72,000 a year.

On October 1, the Andes assessor was hired by the Town of Hamden to be their assessor, work two days a week, and be paid $15,500 with no benefits.
The Andes Board was notified of this arrangement at its first budget workshop and held a discussion of the situation.

The end result was that her salary will be maintained at its current level, there will be no changes to her benefits but she will only work three days a week for Andes. Supervisor Donnelly and Councilmen Grommeck and Liddle voted for this arrangement. Councilmen Hall and Gladstone voted against it.
At the end of the next six-year term, the Andes assessor, with average annual three percent increases, will be making almost $85,000 in salary and benefits.

Can we justify and afford paying someone full-time wages for part-time work?

Sharon Drew,