Andes Supervisor Donnelly to run again in November


By Joe Moskowitz
Two more years.
Andes Supervisor Marty Donnelly hopes to remain in office for at least that long. The Catskill Mountain News recently reported that Donnelly had undergone a procedure for carotid stenosis. Donnelly was suffering from a 93-percent blockage to one of the arteries that supplies blood to his brain.

While his recovery appeared remarkably swift, he was back in the office one day after undergoing the procedure, his political future was very much in doubt. But Donnelly recently announced that his cardiologist says there is no reason why he can’t seek another two-year term in office.
With that clearance from his doctor, Donnelly says he plans to run again this year. He has served 16 years in office.

While his health may not be an issue, Donnelly says there will be serious financial challenges facing whoever wins in November. As with most municipalities, rising health and retirement costs are making it tough to balance the books. He says it wouldn’t be a problem if the state were to provide real mandate relief.

It will be at least two months before Donnelly finds out if he will be challenged. He has run unopposed since 2005 when he narrowly defeated Dale Cole.