"Andes has Talent" show is a hit


By John Bernhardt
Move over “American Idol.” “Andes Has Talent” is the new show in town. With the bright lights and glitter of a Las Vegas show stage, the Andes Central School gymnasium was the showcase for some dazzling talent Friday night.
Program directors and hostesses Janice Armstrong and Tamara Snyder put together a program with a little bit of everything; singing, dancing, comedy, slap stick, drum and flute duets, and a rousing “Glee Club” like finale. An overflow crowd loved every minute.
There was electricity in the air, and the audience knew they were in for a unique entertainment experience when Armstrong and Snyder opened the show with an amusing rock number called Etiquette Rock. The lively, amusing number reminded viewers of their part in helping the performers put on a fabulous show.
Although ACS students and staff played a central role in shaping the night’s selections, several acts included members of Andes and greater Andes community. ACS alumni Jeff and Dillon Knapp were the Dueling Brothers in a spirited drum competition that took third place. Local salsa dancing extraordinaire, Jacinto Jorge dazzled the crowd with his smooth dancing moves. Snyder’s brother Greg was a favorite of the younger viewing set with a dancing tribute to Michael Jackson. The indescribable talents of Tom Little were on display in a comedy ballet extravaganza.
The ACS staff showcased their performing talents. Armstrong was hilarious singing a song to Beethoven music that depicted a typical day in the life of a mother. Elementary teachers Robin White and Margaret Tucker changed the mood with their accomplished flute duet, and a singing chorus of ACS staff had the audience cheering as they sang their version of “Facebook.”
It was the performances involving ACS students that seemed to bring down the house. With Armstrong on the piano and science teacher Ed McGee on the banjo, preschool, kindergarten, first- and second-grade students sang a catchy tune that showed off their ability to roll call our 50 states. Elementary student Alexis Redden started the night with a dance solo followed later in the program by Montana Damone and Rachael Sluiter’s crowd pleasing dancing duet.
It was two acts involving high school students that brought down the house. Seniors Kaitlin Mackay and Rachel Andrews left a stitch in the sides of many laughing viewers with their puppet-like dance routine that took second place honors. Another senior, Jenna Weaver, and her Spice girl dancing partners (Tom and Susie Little) won first place honors.
The grand finale, Don’t Stop Believing, brought together a large assortment of Andes students and staff in a rousing tribute to the Andes school and community.
The final number was greeted with thunderous applause as the crowd showered Armstrong and Snyder and all the performers with appreciation for sharing their many talents.