Andes to computerize all property tax records


By Matthew J. Perry
The Town of Andes is setting pace in Delaware County by making property data and tax maps available to anyone with access to a computer.
At its monthly meeting on July 8, the town council resolved to spend $1,200 a year to maintain presence on the website of Systems Development Group, Inc., a Utica company that develops software for New York State real property and municipalities.
The SDG website——now stores information on all Andes properties, including tax maps, photographs, lighting district, property class, total assessment and full market value.
“We’ve had the need to be computerized for some time,” said tax collector Tina Moshier, who gave a demonstration of the website at the meeting. “You can find most of this information on-line already, but it’s going to be a year old.”
The Andes information on the SDG website will be updated four times a year. Moshier will input the information and SDG will provide programming. Searches for property can be conducted with a property tax-map ID, name of owner or address. Property tax information is not available.
The town council agreed with Moshier that the town, realtors and citizens would be well served by having so much primary information accessible and up to date. The council seemed to view the contract with SDG as an important step towards the modernization of town government.
“It’s time for us to get into the 21rst century,” said Councilman Ritchie Gabriel.
Supervisor Marty Donnelly expressed annoyance when announcing that bidding for the town’s new highway garage, which had been expected to occur at the end of June, is being held up due to a DEC request for more information about the proposed site of the structure. The details of the requested information were not given. In the spring, the DEC had required the town contract for an archeological investigation of the site after Native American artifacts were discovered. The findings were not considered to be of sufficient value to halt the project. No new timelines for the project were given.