Andes Clinic marks first anniversary

By Cheryl Petersen
The first anniversary for the Andes Clinic is just round the corner. As part of Bassett Healthcare Network, the Andes Clinic opened March 25, 2013 and has now reported 2,300 visits. “The clinic is meeting the need for primary care,” said Dr. Susan Fiore. “It’s been so well received that this spring we will be expanding services.”
TEAMWORK: Among the staff at the Andes Clinic are, from left, Shirley Roth, Karyn Basile and Dr. Susan Fiore. — Photo by Cheryl Petersen.TEAMWORK: Among the staff at the Andes Clinic are, from left, Shirley Roth, Karyn Basile and Dr. Susan Fiore. — Photo by Cheryl Petersen.
Dr. Fiore has been involved in the clinic since its planning stages. “I moved to Fleischmanns in 1998 from Queens,” explained Fiore. “I practiced in Margaretville for many years before joining the Bassett Network in 2010.” Many of her patients have been able to follow her.

Four clinics in county
Bassett Healthcare Network has four clinics in Delaware County: Walton, Delhi, Stamford, and Andes. “I worked in the Walton and Delhi clinics and when O’Connor began planning the Andes Clinic, I became an advocate,” said Fiore. “The design of the clinic is state-of-the-art and very user friendly for practitioners and patients.”
Dr. Fiore is the medical director at Andes and works four days a week.
“Connie Spielman, our nurse practitioner, works two days per week,” said Dr. Fiore. “This coming May, the clinic will be expanding staff to include a physician’s assistant.”
A LPN, Karyn Basile will also begin working full time in the spring. John Heney, RN, works one day per week. “John Heney is based in Stamford, but we are connected by phone and computer,” said Fiore. Shirley Roth, LPN, works five days per week alongside Dr. Fiore.
“Patients are encouraged to make appointments,” said Fiore. “People are also welcome to call ahead of time and speak with nurses to determine the best route to take for medical care.” Bassett Healthcare Network patients receive primary and specialty care from a team of health professionals. The network includes collaborative efforts between physician assistants, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, certified registered nurse anesthetists and physicians.

Quick response
“In case of real emergencies, we work together to provide the patient with the quickest best care possible,” said Fiore. “The Andes Clinic does have emergency equipment however, we strive to keep communication open and when patients call, we will direct you to the best location for care.”
The clinic houses four exam rooms, three provider offices, a waiting room, a reception area, and a break room.
“There are windows in each room,” said Fiore. “The natural light increases emotional wellbeing.” On the walls are photos of the local area, such as Fitch’s Bridge, Woodchuck Lodge, and the Andes rail-trail.
“The Andes Clinic can take blood samples,” said Fiore. “Bassett has a courier to take the blood to O’Connor, therefore results are received quickly.”
Another aspect of the Bassett Network is its Health Connection. Patients can log on to their computer, from anywhere in the world, and receive their health information.
“Patients can see the blood results, get a list of the medications they are taking, and look at their lab results,” said Fiore. MyBassett Health Connection offers secure online access to view past and upcoming appointments, and access detailed educational information about health conditions.

Steady growth
Tracey Hood, administrative office assistant said, “I’ve been fortunate to have worked here since day one. I’ve seen a gradual increase in growth and have been able to really get to know the people.”
The Andes Clinic rests next to Ballentine Park. “We can walk to the park or post office, or get lunch,” said Hood. “Some patients can walk here to the clinic. A clinic in Andes has made healthcare more accessible in this rural area.”
The clinic is handicap accessible. “The scale is designed for a wheelchair,” said Fiore. “The building meets all the codes and is Department of Health compliant. There is a small laboratory and room for expansion, an expansion beginning at our one year anniversary.”