ACS students shoot for the moon at science fair



Andes Central School students displayed a year’s worth of experiments and research at the ACS annual science fair on April 26.  

Those attending were offered a pancake breakfast in exchange for donations, and then invited to explore the natural world from the local level (a white-faced hornet’s nest) to the cosmic (a reproduction of a hypergiant star, pictured above, with a scaled model of the sun, barely larger than a pinhead).  In between those extremes were demonstrations of Alka-Seltzer rockets, dry ice, the human heart in action, a comparison of human vision to dog’s vision (the human eye discerns more vivid colors), and even research into which popcorn brand gives the most bang for your buck (pick Newman’s Own the next time you shop).  

Organizers Ed McGee and Steve Fyfe, both science teachers at ACS, were pleased with the students’ efforts, but already sights are set on next year’s fair.  “We’re shooting to hold it next November,” says Mr. McGee.  “There will be more people around and more incentive for the kids to follow through.”