ACS students reveal "Truth About Cinderella"

Separating Cinderella from her beloved mops, dust clothes, and brooms was a team effort on the stage at Andes Central School during the production of last weekend’s musical, "The Truth About Cinderella." Cinderella, played by senior Carrianne Fairbairn, sought the security of familiar cleaning supplies to help avoid the rapid changes occurring all around her.
A concerned and loving father (Justin Weaver), supportive new stepmother (Hope Egnaczak) and two kind hearted stepsisters (Carrie Berghammer and Brittney McAdams) coddled and prodded the play’s star to put aside her household chores and enjoy life a little. Nothing could convince a determined Cinderella.
Meanwhile, another family in the kingdom, the royal family, had troubles of their own. The King of the realm (Tex Murray) was worried about the future prospects of his son, the Royal Prince (Taylor Murray). Spoiled and dominated by the Queen (Robin Armstrong), the prince was childish, disinterested, and immature. Against the Queen’s strenuous objections, the King felt marriage was the perfect solution and ordered a royal ball to find a bride for his hapless son.
The family’s problems were resolved as the outcome of a battle royal between two fairy godmothers, a good fairy (Cheyenne Tait) and a bad fairy (Hattie Brown). The bad fairy prevailed and used her magic to bring together Cinderella and The Prince. As in the traditional story, Cinderella got her man.
The musical adaptation of Sir Osbert Sitwell’s The Cinderella Complex was well received by good-sized audiences on both Friday and Saturday night. The Andes production was directed by Tamara Snyder. Set designs were planned and the creation of sets facilitated by Sharon Tucker with costumes by Barb Cole. Janice Armstrong was the musical director.