ACS board reviewing plans for walking bridge

By Cheryl Petersen
Board members reviewed a variety of designs to reconstruct the walkway bridge to the school campus at Andes Central School at their monthly meeting last week. Architect Mike Bellows gave a presentation depicting the many possibilities and costs.
Bellows defined half-a-dozen options to reconstructing the walkway bridge to the school campus. The bridge has been under scrutiny for 18 months. Because rocks were crumbling, orange barrier strips were first placed on top of the walls for safety. Then a temporary railing was installed along both sides of the walkway. Bellows brought a structural engineer consultant to analyze the bridge. Deterioration was prominent, however, the underlying slab appears to be fine.

Materials & costs
At a drawing table, Bellows configured designs that incorporated a mix of materials, to rebuild the walkway. Prices for each design vary from $45,000 to $140,000. “The more expensive design includes real rock and retains the arch aesthetics at the bottom of the bridge,” said Bellows. “The more affordable designs include core-ten steel, weather-resisting steel, a pre-cast core slab, cultured stone, and no arch.” The materials can be interchanged in a final design.
Bridge drainage was discussed because inadequate drainage is what causes the walkway to deteriorate. Also of significance was the fact that the height of the new wall needs to be 42 inches to meet current code. The old wall was 32 inches in height.
In other business, the board approved to offer four spring-season sports and also appointed Morgan Stroppel as a leave replacement teacher for Jeffrey Rhone.
“Jeffrey Rhone will be taking paternity leave,” said Dr. Chakar. “Morgan Stroppel is a certified Spanish teacher. She has been interviewed and her references have been checked.” Stoppel will be paid $150 per day from January 27 until about February 14.
The wage rate for non-instructional positions, such as custodial and secretarial positions, was approved to increase to $8 per hour, effective December 31.
A motion was made to update school policy to allow use of service animals at the campus. Sports available for spring of 2014 are modified co-ed tennis, varsity co-ed tennis, modified track, and varsity track.
At its next meeting, the board of education will discuss the senior trip.