Academic excellence celebrated at MCS banquet

Margaretville Central School students were recognized for their classroom achievements at the 16th annual MCS Excellence in Academics Banquet held June 3.

The following scholarship awards were presented to members of the junior class:
University of Rochester: Frederick Douglas & Susan B. Anthony Award ($30,000 over four years): Kyle Short.
Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology ($30,000 over four years): Evan Sheckler.
Elmira College Key Awards ($60,000 over four years): James Warner and Chelsea Shultis.
Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award ($30,000 over four years): Paul Morrow.
George Eastman Young Leaders Award ($30,000 over four years): Annette Auchmoody.
The Rensselaer Medal ($60,000 over up to five years): Michael Conroy.
Triple C Awards (Recognition of Commitment, Character and Courage): Victor Mendoza.
NYS Comptroller Achievement Award (Recognition of Hard Work, Dedication and Success): Cecilia Galatioto.
Scholar Recognition Program: Sean Gauntt.
Student Sage Awards ($15,000 over four years): Rudy Vazquez and Samantha Hunt.
Clarkson University Awards ($60,000 over four years): Michael Conroy and James Warner.
Students also received recognition for achieving Honor Roll, High Honor Roll and Principal’s List status throughout the academic year.

Honor Roll & Higher (one or two marking periods):
6th grade: Kobi Anfimovas, Shania Bosley, Kenneth Johnson, Jackson Kowatch, Kayla Petry and Rune Stegemoller.
7th grade: Jonathan Hunt, Rebecca Mendoza and Kush Patel.
8th grade: Beth Ann Farrell, Johnny Flynn, Nicole Gould and Sylvia Hoffman.
9th grade: Shannon Fairbairn, Mirasol Guevara, Sabrina Mauro and Ithay Silva.
10th grade: Marvin Morales and Yair Sanchez.
11th grade: Samuel Capriotti, Isacmar Martinez-Cruz, Robert Maxim, Paul Morrow, Tiffany Nobile, Issis Orrego, Kaitlin Short and Rey Vazquez.
12th grade: Felicia Falco, Tyler Hubbell, Caleb Todd, Rebecca Vazquez and Brianna Wickham.

Honor Roll & Higher (three consecutive marking periods):
6th grade: Lauren Gil, Brianna Hunt, Ithamar Silva and Derek Zellner.
7th grade: Michael Casabianca Jr., Zachariah Clark, Mackenzie Day, Fatima Duque, Joseph Mauro, Tanner Reither, Dakota Rieder and Jose Yanes.
8th grade: Zoey Antonette, Mary Greene and James Martin.
9th grade: Riley Ancona, Anna Aulino, Hailee Hunter, Erica Johnson, Vanessa Oravetz, Brianna Perrone, Rachael Sluiter and Dillon VanKeuren.
10th grade: Brianna Fronckowiak, Gabrielle Fronckowiak, Tyler Knapp, Megan Passarelli and Nikita Patel.
11th grade: Brandon Belaski, Victor Mendoza, Dylan Shaffer, Evan Sheckler, Kyle Short and Rudy Vazquez.
12 grade: Samantha Bouton, Silvia Duque, Kelsey Earl, Paige Green, Justin Hoffpauir, Mitchell Hull, Rachel Mathiesen and Kaitlyn Perrone.

High Honor Roll & Higher (three consecutive marking periods):
6th grade: Cruz Garcia, Victoria Janis and Victoria Marin.
7th grade: Nicole Brybag, Anna Lam and Melissa Lanner.
8th grade: Melissa Farrell, Sage Finkle, Kayla Laise, Emma Mejia and Kristena Westerfeld.
9th grade: Diego Caamano, Elizabeth Johnson, Carly Shultis and Ian Todd.
10th grade: Cora Bruno, Jessica Camano, Lindsay Day, Benjamin Fairbairn, Cora Martin, Cooper Reither, Elia Tanzer and Matthew VanValkenburg.
11th grade: Annette Auchmoody, Cecilia Galatioto, Thalia Gil, Samantha Hunt and Chelsea Shultis.
12th grade: Eric Baker, Kellsey Buerge, Marisol Camano, Crystal Colon, Amber Hall, Estefany Martinez-Cruz, Sonia Mendoza, Alexis Molnar, Ryan Sanford and Theresa Svoboda.

Principal’s List (three consecutive marking periods):
6th grade: Denali Finkle.
8th grade: Bianca Molnar, Kaylee Sanford, Courtney Scheffler and Katlynn Shamro.
9th grade: Daniel Conroy.
10th grade: Rhiannon Kearns, Alana Moskowitz and Julian Rauter.
11th grade: Michael Conroy and James Warner.
12th grade: Raeann Bond, Sean Gauntt, Megan Mauro and Diane Perez.

Special recognition was given to Raeann Bond and Sean Gauntt who have been on Principal’s List for every quarter from seventh through twelth grade.

More than 170 students and guests attended the Academic Banquet, which was held in the auditorium. Guest speaker at the banquet was retired MCS Superintendent John Riedl.
Superintendent Anthony Albanese and Principal Linda Taylor presided over the scholar recognition awards and Mrs. Doris Warner, junior class advisor, gave the welcome and introduction.
Special thanks was offered for the following people who assisted with the banquet: Jen Clark, Elaine Conroy, Karen Dietrich, Renee Gauntt, Teresa Goodchild, Tracie Hunt, Cassi Olin, Beth Tanzer, Connie Mathiesen and the cafeteria staff and the MCS custodial staff.