A miracle happened in village


To The Editor:
How does one express thanks when its deserves so much more?  
Last August the Village of Fleischmanns and surrounding area were ravaged by Hurricane Irene.  Our village had been working on restoration and revitalization with signs of progress.  In an instant, Hurricane Irene set us back so many steps that one didn’t know where to start up again.

Our beloved ball field, always active, allowing village residents, surrounding area residents and guests a place to meet and play, was destroyed.  FEMA’s rejection of the budget submitted to restore the park was a surprise. This meant that we might not have a ball field back for several years.
Thanks to the effort, kindness and donations of Kingdon Gould and Hubbell Inc., a small miracle has happened. The grass is popping up through the hay already. What a wonderful sight and positive feeling for us all.

Mr. Gould and Hubbell Inc., Thank you. You have inspired and recharged us. I, and all those who use this ball field, are so grateful.

Yvonne Reuter,