A bridge too near?

Bridge didn't moveBridge didn't move

Mohammed N. Alam, 40, of the Bronx was uninjured Saturday when he slammed into the Bridge Street bridge in Margaretville while attempting to make a right turn from Route 28 on to Bridge Street. State police report that he lost control on snow covered pavement, skidded across the intersection and struck the bridge. No injuries were reported and no tickets were issued. Sanford Auto Parts of Arkville towed Alam’s vehicle from scene. In a related but separate accident, David J Watters, 60, of New Kingston was following Alam, saw him lose control, slowed and was struck in rear by a vehicle operated by Jerzy Gorsky, 59, of Maspeth who was unable to stop. Police say there were no injuries, no tickets, and no tow. — Photo by Joe Moskowitz