50th Shavertown Old Home Day celebrated


The 50th Shavertown Old Home Day was held on Sunday, Aug. 31 at the Pleasant Valley Meeting House on the Tremperskill Road, Andes. Sixteen people attended. Bob and Alice Jacobson opened the Meeting House for us and provided coffee and tea. Bob and Alice and Jean Butler displayed their pictures of homes taken by the reservoir.
Pastor Gerald Norris asked the blessing prior to a delicious dish-to-pass luncheon. A commemorative cake was enjoyed by all.
Six door prizes were awarded. They were DVDs entitled “Beneath Pepacton Waters” and “Confrontation on Dingle Hill” by Bob and Alice Jacobson and two bottles of special salad dressing donated by Gerald and Evelyn Norris.
Cards were signed by all and sent to Marian Scudder, Mary Fenton and Claudia Jacobson.
An offering of $57 was contributed and used for expenses for cake and door prizes.
Jean Norris Butler read the minutes of last year’s meeting and gave the treasurer’s report. She also read the poignant poem written by the late Carrie Fenton describing the heartbreak of losing villages, homes and beautiful valley to water.
A business meeting was conducted by President Evelyn Norris. Much discussion was held as to whether or not this would be the final Shavertown Old Home Day. Jim Andrews brought forth the news that the Andes Historical Society was willing to take over the organization of future Old Home Day meetings. A show of hands vote was taken and it was agreed that the Historical Society would indeed take over the planning and scheduling of the Shavertown Old Home Day in the future.
Evelyn Norris has been president for 20 years and Jean Butler has been secretary/treasurer for 18 years. As planned, they have both retired as of this 50th anniversary. Dorothy Andrews presented a bouquet of flowers to Evelyn Norris and a potted plant to Jean Butler in appreciation for their faithful service.