4-H Chefs' Club a tasty treat

By Thomas Cantrell
Have you ever wanted to try your hand at cooking? If so, Chefs’ Club, presented by 4-H, is a great way to get started. The teachers are friendly, the recipes are fun, and the food is fantastic. Plus they even give you some free utensils like knives, measuring cups, rolling pins etc. on the first day.
On Mondays, for six weeks, 10 people met to cook and learn interesting facts about different foods and the ingredients in them. The meals prepared varied from Italian, French, and Southwestern cuisine to Oriental cuisine and desserts. Tips were also given for healthy eating and weight watching.    
The teachers were Angela Krohn and Sean Taylor, both students at SUNY Delhi.  Those who participated included Katie Anderson, Thomas Cantrell, Matthew Gray, Dylan and Haley Groat, Abby Hall, Josiah and Kayla Johnson, Molly Karlin and Lorlyn Kilmer.