Councilman questions need for Shandaken police

By Jay Braman Jr.
Shandaken Councilman Vincent Bernstein wants to take a long hard look at the town’s police department.

At the June town board meeting Monday night Bernstein made a long statement of complaint about the department and said he wants to discuss whether or not it is needed. “Should we have a full-time police department,” he said, “or can it be handled by part timers?”

OCS contingency to offset tax hike

By Jay Braman Jr.
Thanks to an unused $5.5 million contingency fund, property owners in the Onteora School District may see a zero percent tax increase again this year.

The money was put aside in the event that City of New York, which owns the Ashokan Reservoir and is the district’s largest taxpayer, was victorious in a tax-assessment challenge mounted in the Town of Olive.

A settlement was reached and district officials are planning on using up to $3 million of the fund to offset property taxes in the 2013-14 school year.

Shandaken finally joins Scenic Byway Project

By Jay Braman Jr.
The controversial Route 28 Scenic Byway Plan squeaked by to adoption by the Town of Shandaken Monday night with a 3-2 vote in favor of the measure.

After months of dormancy, a resolution to support the plan suddenly appeared at the town board meeting. There was little discussion on the matter, with only Councilman Vincent Bernstein explaining his reasons for not supporting the plan.

Fear loss of “Home Rule’

Shandaken residents want gun vote repeal

By Jay Braman Jr.
One week after the Shandaken Town Board passed a memorializing resolution against recently adopted New York State gun laws, residents opposing the measure have launched a petition drive to force the board to reconsider that action.

The town board on February 4 passed an anti-gun control resolution brought forward by town of Shandaken Councilman Vincent Bernstein despite an almost unanimous cry against it from residents that insisted the language in the resolution did not reflect the sentiments of the townsfolk.

Shandaken residents blast town gun policy

By Jay Braman Jr.
An anti-gun control resolution brought forward by Town of Shandaken Councilman Vincent Bernstein Monday received suppressing fire from residents who insisted the language in the resolution did not reflect the sentiments of the townsfolk.

Regardless, the measure was passed anyway, despite an almost unanimous cry against it.

Shandaken set to tackle flooding issues

By Jay Braman Jr.
The Town of Shandaken’s annual reorganizational meeting on Monday was downright calm this year, as opposed to previous such sessions, and it almost ended without any of the usual dark tones that tend to plague this local government.

Shandaken checks residents emergency prep

By Jay Braman Jr.
As the New Year approaches, Shandaken Town Clerk Joyce Grant is helping town residents start off on the right foot.

Soon to arrive in mailboxes is a short survey form that asks townsfolk to consider questions like the following: “How will you get help when the power goes out?”
Calling Shandaken “a technologically challenged community,” Grant said she put together the brief, confidential questionnaire because the results will dramatically improve emergency notification protocol in town.

Shandaken properties set for FEMA buyout

By Jay Braman Jr.
The Town of Shandaken is set to lose two-dozen properties from the tax roles as the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) begins buyout talks after Hurricane Irene swept though Ulster County last year.

FEMA has its eye on no less than 33 properties following the catastrophic event in August/September of 2011 when flooding ravaged much of the region.

STS runs 'reckless' over Christmas

The Community Chorale of the Catskills, under the direction of Richard Tucker, will present two performances of its annual Holiday Concert this weekend. On Saturday, Dec. 8 at 7:30 p.m. the Chorale will be performing at the Margaretville United Methodist Church. The concert will be repeated Sunday, Dec. 9 at 2:30 p.m. at the Jay Gould Memorial Reformed Church in Roxbury.

Shandaken taps Frisenda as code officer

By Jay Braman Jr.
A former Crossroads Ventures employee has been appointed to be the new building inspector in the Town of Shandaken.

Al Frisenda was voted in at the November meeting of the Shandaken Town Board, with Supervisor Rob Stanley supporting the measure along with board members Doris Bartlett, Jack Jordan and Alfie Higley. Councilman Vince Bernstein opposed.

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