Shandaken seeks status as Greenway Community

By Jay Braman Jr.
The Shandaken Town Council voted to become a Greenway Community at this month’s board meeting. The vote was unanimous in favor although Councilman Vince Bernstein was absent.
There was little discussion about the measure among board members, but some in the audience needed reassurance that property rights would not be stepped on.

Rice to run for Shandaken Board

By Jay Braman Jr.
Longtime Phoenicia resident Tina Rice has announced her candidacy for a seat on the Shandaken Town Board. Rice, a 10-year member of the town’s Recreation Committee and well-known to residents who participate in the popular Shandaken ski program, said Tuesday that she would appear at the town’s Republican Party Caucus and ask for the party’s support.
If endorsed, Rice would face off against Democratic incumbent Doris Bartlett.

Dems back Bartlett for Shandaken Board

By Jay Braman Jr.
The tiny American Flag tacked up on a ceiling beam at the Glenbrook Park Pavilion was a hint that the Shandaken Democratic Caucus, though necessary, was going to be as informal as such an event could be.
The 30-plus party diehards that came out for the evening last Tuesday pledged their allegiance to that mailbox sized flag, and within a few minutes cast one vote to unanimously endorse current town council member Doris Bartlett to run this November to continue her term for one more year, that year being the remaining part of current Supervisor Peter DiSclafani’s four-year term on the council.

Rte. 214 and Silver Hollow Road slipping away due to erosion

By Jay Braman Jr.
A precarious section of Chichester’s Silver Hollow Road is at risk of slipping into the drink and state Route 214 is next, residents say, and this week those that live on the dead-end road are warning a host of governments that they would be liable if something happens.
Mack Lipkin and Bruce Barry have sent a letter to everyone from Shandaken Highway Superintendent Eric Hofmeister to Congressman Maurice Hinchey and Governor David Paterson stating that the problem is now years old and that something needs to be done.

STS gears up for "Mt. Morgan" performances

The Shandaken Theatrical Society (STS) will present Arthur Miller’s masterpiece, “The Ride Down Mount Morgan” beginning Friday, July 11 in Phoenicia. “The Ride Down Mount Morgan” is one of Miller’s later plays. The author felt that America in the 1980s was suffering from a collapse of values and that self-interest had triumphed over social responsibility.

Advisor will address economic group

The Shandaken Economic Committee will be holding a public meeting on Monday, June 16 at 6 p.m. at the town hall. Certified business advisor Sam Kandal will be the guest speaker. Kandal works at the Mid-Hudson Small Business Development Center. He has extensive education and practical experience in entrepreneurship and small business management, spearheads the outreach efforts in the Catskill Region and is the primary advisor responsible for clients within the Catskill Watershed.

New Shandaken tower plan offered by Verizon officials

Company has several cell sites in town

By Jay Braman Jr.
First, Shandaken couldn’t get a cell tower in town if it tried. Now it appears towers might be popping up in unexpected places. It was announced last week that Verizon has asked for permission to build its own 130-foot tall tower, called a monopole, near the town hall in Allaben.

Company sues Emerson Resort for alleged payment shortfalls

By Jay Braman Jr.
The Town of Shandaken has found itself named as a co-defendant in a lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme Court by an electrical contractor seeking to collect $136,255 for work done at the Emerson Resort and Spa last year.
Whitman Electric, Inc. filed the suit on April 24 naming several people and entities including local businessman Dean Gitter, who spearheads the Emerson and the planned Crossroads Ventures Resort /Spa, and other companies with which he is involved. The suit also names other contractors who appear to have liens against the Emerson.

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