Deal reached for Binnekill clearing to start

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As Margaretville prepared to mark the one-year anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene, a new effort was underway to help revitalize the flood-damaged village. The goal is to get the village’s picturesque stream, known as “The Binnekill,” flowing again after it started  to run dry about five months ago.

According to Mayor Bill Stanton, village officials signed an agreement last week with landowner Lauren Davis, that would allow workmen to enter the stream from his property in order to clear flood debris that was deposited there by Irene.

Open Eye to host reading of play

Margaretville — In its continuing support of local playwrights, and expanded programming for audiences in the Western Catskills, The Open Eye Theater presents a developmental reading of “Truce...?,” a new play by Wilma Mazo of Andes, on Tuesday, Sept. 4, at 7 p.m. The rehearsed reading will take place on stage at The Open Eye Theater, 960 Main Street, Margaretville.

New guide service leads Catskills travelers

Aaron Engel, owner of a new small business Autumn Peaks Guide Service in Margaretville, recently led a group of students on plant identification hike.

During the August 19 excursion, the hikers learned how to identify wild herbaceous plants of the Catskill Mountains. The students who participated in the hike are studying acupuncture and herbology in New York City.

Following the six-hour hike, the participants enjoyed a meal at the Bun-n-Cone where they recounted their adventure.

Reward for vandalism info grows to $800

Margaretville — A reward fund for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for vandalism at the Margaretville Cemetery on or about August 6 has grown from $600 to $800 over the past week.

The reward fund started when Margaretville Mayor Bill Stanton offered $100, which was then matched by the Catskill Mountain News. Margaretville resident Steve Meinstein read the story of the cemetery damage in last week’s paper and called Friday to add his $100 to the fund.

Library sets fine to improve turnaround

Margaretville — To ensure that library materials are more readily available to the many people waiting for them, starting September 1, the Fairview Public Library in Margaretville will be re-instituting the assessment of fines to patrons who return their library materials past the dates they are due.

Grant awarded for 'Cheese Barrel' block

Margaretville — Businesses on the “Cheese Barrel Block” in the Village of Margaretville will receive more than $300,000 in flood recovery funds, it was announced last week.

A grant of $307,940 will be used to create a grant fund to be administered by the Arkville-based MARK Project to support the final stages of rebuilding and rehabilitation of six contiguous historic buildings in a single target area known as the “Cheese Barrel Block” on Main Street in downtown Margaretville.

Follow the money: Margaretville village budget examined

Editor’s note: Catskill Mountain News writer Joan Lawrence-Bauer kicks off her series of articles on municipal finance this week with a look at the Village of Margaretville’s current budget.

By Joan Lawrence-Bauer
“Follow the money” is the mantra adopted by investigators of all stripes – from lawyers and detectives to journalists and accountants. So we’ve followed the money in the Village of Margaretville to see where it comes from and where it goes. It’s a complicated task.

Catalog Outlet Store opens in Margaretville

By Brian Sweeney
The success of the Margaretville Sleep Center has spurred a move and expansion into a Catalog Outlet Store.

The “new” business is located in a portion of the Bussy Building at the corner of Main and Walnut streets. In addition to beds and mattresses, the enterprise features items such as complete living room sets, TV consoles, coffee tables, end tables, lighting, recliners and many related items.

Now and Then moves to higher ground

By Brian Sweeney
The results of large-scale flooding are widespread. In addition to the immediate reactions of protecting lives and property, the aftermath of a flood always leaves one big question: Am I going to stay at this location?

Char and Art DeBari, longtime owners of Now and Then Video in Margaretville, had faced that question on several occasions after their Bridge Street building stood in the midst of flood waters racing through the village.

CWC recovers and then helps 149 other businesses

By Diane Galusha
When the East Branch of the Delaware River and the Binnekill stream became one last August 28 and swallowed the valley that includes the Village of Margaretville, the Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC) office was among the buildings engulfed by the muddy torrent.

The stone structure at 905 Main Street, built in1965 as the home of the Catskill Mountain News, was strong enough to withstand the physical force of the flood, but water nonetheless seeped in under three doors, two of them four feet above the parking lot.

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