Time Out by John Bernhardt

Time Out: January 4, 2012

December has come and gone and we’ve started a new year. Before you know it, the days will be getting longer and it will be time for spring training and baseball. Just thinking about an upcoming baseball season makes the winter ahead of us seem manageable. That is, if you’re not a Mets’ fan.

Time Out: Nov. 9, 2011

“Kick it to the corner.”

Margaretville alumni and his former girls’ soccer players from around the country, found themselves fondly looking back to their high school years as they learned that legendary Blue Devil soccer coach Dan Cohen had passed away last Wednesday. The former Blue Devil soccer gals were flooded with the quips, the jokes, the stories, and the memories that so typified their warm and fuzzy former coach.

Time Out: September 21, 2011

Breathe. Exhale. Breathe. Exhale. Breathe. Exhale. Everybody step back and relax. It’s not the end of the world.

The atmosphere was getting a wee-bit prickly on the sidelines in Delhi at Saturday’s boys’ soccer contest between the host Bulldogs and Margaretville. As Delhi pulled away in the second half, some of the Margaretville faithful began to show the frustration of a winless first week.

Time Out: August 10, 2011

Mariah Ruff or Eric Reed would have been in three-point heaven. Every time a shot behind the arc swished through the nets, water splashed from the twines in a several foot, circular, aerial display. It was basketball like it’s never been played before.

Time Out: July 27, 2011

“The great players show how much they want to play during the off-season, when it’s hot, when it’s tough, and when no one is watching.” — Tony Alfonso, author of The Mentally Tough Shooting Workout.

It was hot. It was tough, and there certainly weren’t too many people watching. Last week eight future Margaretville varsity basketball players enjoyed a basketball feast in three days of hardwood madness that saw them play nine games over that time. The basketball bonanza was a team camp held at Houghton College, a gorgeous campus located in western New York.

Time Out: July 13, 2011

Sports are a great metaphor for life. The longer we spend around the world of sports the greater the chance we will experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows with a ton of everyday moments spaced in between. That fact was highlighted by events that headlined the sports world last week.

Time Out: July 6, 2011

Knock on wood, but it looks like you can be proud to be a Met fan again. It’s all right to wear your Met hat, wear a Met shirt, or wear your Met sneakers around town. With a roster that sometimes more resembles a Triple-A Buffalo Bison’s lineup card than that fitting of the major leagues, the beleaguered and perennially injury challenged Mets are showing healthy doses of grit and resiliency that have earned the respect of those who really follow baseball.

Time Out: June 22, 2011

Sometimes athletic breakthroughs emerge from adversity. That might be the case for Margaretville’s Post 216 pitcher Mitch Hull.

Hull, a pitching novice, is gaining valuable experience on the mound this spring. Monday night in Delhi, Hull proved he might have the stuff to develop into a decent high school pitcher.

Time Out: April 27, 2011

“A trout is a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it.” - Arnold Gingrich

Anglers from all over the world have long experienced the delight that comes with approaching a trout stream in Roscoe, and making their initial cast. Roscoe, often called ‘Trout Town USA,’ is a haven for serious anglers, a notch in the rugged mountains of the Catskills blessed with the pristine water sources that make perfect conditions for fishing trout.

Time Out: March 23, 2011

It’s called the LeBron James effect, the ability of private schools to pack their rosters, elevating their level of play far beyond that of even the most skilled and gifted public school competitors. The South Kortright girls’ basketball team ran face-first into the LeBron James effect when they battled Coleman Catholic Saturday in the semi-finals of the New York State, Class D, Girls Basketball Championships in Troy.

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