Puzzles for March 19, 2014


This week we introduce a new puzzle for us, a logic puzzle, along with our usual word jumble. I included some tips on how to solve a logic puzzle. This one is fairly easy and is a good starter puzzle if you have never solved one before. As always Happy Solving! A PDF version is attached below if you'd like to print them out.

Solutions to March 5 Puzzles


Click below to see the solutions to last week's puzzles. One note: it's hard to make all the word search terms stand out when they overlap so much. If you still can't find a word or two, email me at graphics@catskillmountainnews.com and I'll diagram that one for you. And our cryptogram is from Catskills historian, columnist and school superintendent, Prof. Lincoln Long. I suspect we'll be hearing more from him in future cryptograms. This one comes from a beautiful column he wrote about his dog, Major. I will try to print excerpts from it in a future Archives column.

Puzzles for March 12, 2014


Did you know this is Brain Awareness Week? Science has shown that working puzzles helps keep you sharp for the more serious challenges in life. Our word jumble this week is dairy-related, and our cryptogram quotes a successful dairy farmer from more than a century ago. Solutions will be revealed here next week and as always a cryptogram hint can be found on this week's classifieds page. A downloaded PDF of the puzzles is also attached below. Happy Solving!

March 5 2014 Puzzles


Our puzzles are created exclusively for the News with Catskills-related terms and place names. As always solutions will be posted here on our website one week after publication. Happy Solving!

Solutions to February 19 Puzzles


Here you will find solutions to our puzzles, posted one week after their print publication. And as they say at the movies, "Spoiler Alert!"

Feb. 26 2014 Puzzles


Puzzle instructions below. This week our crytopgram quote is not from a person, but it is about a Catskills point of pride. If you’re really stumped you’ll always find a hint on the classified page of our print edition. And our Word Jumble also features Catskills-related terms and place names. The solution will be revealed in this column a week after publication. There is always a print quality PDF version attached to download and print.

February 19, 2014 Puzzle


Cryptograms are simple substitution puzzles, in which one letter of the alphabet stands for another. For example, if “ZKT” were the code for the word “AND,” then every Z in the puzzle would stand for A. The key to solving is to look for telltale letter patterns like "ing" and words that almost any sentence will have, like “the” or “and,” and easy verbs and prepositions like “is,” “of” or “to,” which will help you figure out the longer words. This week our quote is about a popular activity at this time of year, from a famous Catskills author, whose name is included at the end. If you’re really stumped you’ll always find a hint on the classified page of our print edition. There is a PDF attached that you can open or download to print. Solutions are posted here one week after our puzzles are printed.

Our puzzles are created exclusively for, and are the property of, The Catskill Mountain News.

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