Hook Line and Sinker by Judy Van Put

Hook, Line & Sinker: June 25, 2014

These days of the mid-to-end of June have been very productive, with rivers and streams at good levels and cool evenings keeping water temperatures favorable for trout. Isonychias have been making their appearance in the afternoons, resulting in rising trout and successful fishing. In addition, good hatches of caddis flies and Blue-Winged Olives are about in the mornings and during the day. In the evenings the slate-colored Isonychias and lighter colored Sulphurs have kept fly-fishers on the stream until dark.
Rich Sliziewicz of New Jersey with an eight-pound, three-ounce brown trout that he caught over the weekend in the Pepacton Reservoir. The fish was 25-inches long. — Photo courtesy of Al’s Sport Shop, Downsville.Rich Sliziewicz of New Jersey with an eight-pound, three-ounce brown trout that he caught over the weekend in the Pepacton Reservoir. The fish was 25-inches long. — Photo courtesy of Al’s Sport Shop, Downsville.

Hook, Line & Sinker: June 4, 2014

Columnist Judy Van Put with a beautiful catch.Columnist Judy Van Put with a beautiful catch.

Hook, Line & Sinker: May 28, 2014

This past weekend was a great kick-off to those precious days of summer – after Saturday’s showery (but warm) start, Sunday and Labor Day Monday’s weather was hard to beat! With temperatures in the 70s to 80 degrees, it looks as though we’ve finally shaken off the winter cold.
The trout fishing has picked up, with great fly hatches over the past two weeks, and our rivers and streams are still nicely full from the recent rains. Most of the great Hendrickson hatch has finished; however, there still may be some residual Hendrickson spinners about.

Hook, Line and Sinker: May, 14, 2014

We just experienced the best weekend of the year so far – with temperatures finally reaching well into the 70s, plenty of sunshine and not too much wind. There was a terrific hatch of Hendricksons Saturday on the Beaverkill, so heavy that the windshield was plastered with the flies and their distinguishing yellow egg sacs. It’s interesting to make note of nature signs that coincide with each other – generally when the forsythia bush on the west side of our house is blooming, we can count on the Hendricksons to hatch.

Hook, Line & Sinker: May 7, 2014

Area rivers and streams are at good, fishable levels heading into the weekend, Both the Beaverkill at Cooks Falls and the East Branch of the Delaware River are just above the average flow over 159 years of recordkeeping, respectively. However, air and water temperatures are still stubbornly cool with windy conditions, and we’ve just barely gotten into 50-degree water temperatures on the East Branch. Fifty degrees F is that ‘magic number’ that dry fly-fishers anticipate in spring; as once water temperatures warm into the 50s, consistent fly hatches begin.

Hook, Line & Sinker: April 30, 2014

Last Saturday’s benefit auction of the fly-fishing and outdoors collection of Cheryl Stelter was a great success; scores of outdoors enthusiasts turned out to bid on many wonderful items, and to support the Fairview Public Library in Margaretville for which the auction was held.

Hook, Line & Sinker: April 23, 2014

Easter weekend brought beautiful sunny weather to the Catskills. Streams and rivers are still high and cold, due to continuing snow runoff from the higher elevations. However, the reservoirs are now open to boat fishing, as the ice has finally melted.
Candy Cho of the Tremperskill Country Store in Andes was happy to report on the fishing success of some of her customers. On opening day of the trout season, Alex Wilson of Delh caught two nice trout that measured 15 inches and 13 inches while fishing the West Branch of the Delaware in his town.

Hook, Line & Sinker: April 16, 2014

Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 26. Beginning at 11:30 a.m., there will be an auction of a fine consignment of fly-fishing and related items from the estate of Cheryl Stelter to benefit Margaretville’s Fairview Public Library. The auction will be conducted by McIntosh Auction Service, held at the Market on State Highway 28 at the corner of Fair Street at the edge of the Village of Margaretville. Preview is one hour before the auction. Absentee and phone bids are welcome.

Hook, Line & Sinker: April 9, 2014

Opening Day of the trout-fishing season in New York State came and went last Tuesday without a lot of fanfare.

Hook, Line & Sinker: January 1, 2014

It’s hard to believe that January is upon us, the beginning of the New Year of 2014! Perhaps because of the later date of Thanksgiving this year, resulting in one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the holidays seemed to have rushed upon us and raced on by. And so far, with the exception of one unusually warm December weekend, it appears that we can enjoy a good winter and all the great sports that go along with snow, ice and cold weather.

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