Hook Line and Sinker by Judy Van Put

Hook, Line & Sinker: May 6, 2015

What a beautiful weekend, spring has finally arrived. With air temperatures well into the 70s over the past few days, river and stream temperatures are finally creeping into that optimal range of 50 degrees.
We’ve seen good hatches of caddis flies in the afternoons on the Beaverkill, and while driving along the river Monday morning, a hatch of what appeared to be Henricksons finally made their appearance — better late than never!

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Hook, Line & Sinker: April 29, 2015

With air temperatures still hovering around the 30s and 40s at night, fishing has been a bit slower this season, as water temperatures haven’t risen as quickly as usual, and we are still waiting for them to reach that ‘magic number’ of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 
Reservoir fishing in general has also been slow, not only on the Pepacton, but on the Cannonsville and Rondout reservoirs as well. The cold snap after the last weekend of 70-degree temperatures seems to have sent the trout back into inactivity.

Hook, Line & Sinker: April 22, 2015

Finally a spring-like weekend. Air temperatures in the 60s and 70s caused many to head outside and enjoy the sunshine that seemed to have long eluded us. Despite windy conditions on Saturday, good numbers of trout fishers were seen up and down river as well as on the reservoirs. And thanks to those warmer temperatures, enough ice has melted off Pepacton Reservoir to enable boats to be permitted on the water as of Monday, April 20.

Hook, Line & Sinker: April 1, 2015

April 1, that special date that trout fishers dream of during those long cold winter days, seems to be pulling an April Fool’s joke on trout fishers here in the Catskills. Despite the calendar revealing that spring arrived more than a week ago, we are still feeling very much in the throes of winter, with single-digit wind chills over the past weekend and inches of freshly fallen snow during the beginning of the week.

Hook, Line & Sinker: January 14, 2015

Ice Fishing Event!
I received a telephone call from Tom Phillips, of Pepacton Bait & Tackle, located at 43005 Route 28, Arkville. Tom was happy to report that this coming Saturday, Jan. 17, his store is sponsoring the third annual Ice Fishing Derby. The Derby will be held at Big Pond, which has lots of ice and lots of big trout! In recent years, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation has stocked Big Pond with hundreds of large brown trout in sizes 16 to 21 inches. These were traditionally surplus breeders used at the Catskill hatchery in DeBruce.

Hook, Line & Sinker: January 7, 2015

A water report for the New Year from trout country starts with the encouraging news that on this date, January 5, the Beaverkill at Cooks Falls is recorded as flowing at 1,070 cubic feet per second (cfs), which is well above the average flow of 370 cfs for this date based on 99 years of record keeping. The water in the Beaverkill over the past week has been well above average, thankfully, as we recover from a drought in the beginning of winter.

Hook, Line & Sinker: Dec. 10, 2014

Presents for the Sportsman and Sportswoman in Your Life
I always remember watching the Thanksgiving Parade as a youngster, and anxiously awaiting the last and final float – featuring Santa Claus himself – and with him, the ‘official’ start of the Christmas (shopping) season. And now that Thanksgiving has passed and we’re already into December, it’s time to get your holiday shopping done!

Hook, Line & Sinker: August 27, 2014

The end of August seems to signal the end of summer, although the official date is almost a month away. The beautiful cool evenings and mornings, heavy dew on the grass and the changing colors of the leaves on the trees are a reminder of how fleeting these precious weeks of summer really are!

Hook, Line & Sinker: August 13, 2014

There’s still time to enter in the trout pool sponsored by Candy and Eddie Chin of the Tremperskill Country Store. It has been decided to run the July Pool into August to encourage more participants. There are two contests going on this month; a bass tournament and a trout pool. The largest trout so far is a six and-one-quarter-pound brown trout taken by Art Perry of Kingston. Art used a sawbelly with great success. In the bass tournament, there are only five people entered so far and Charlie McNeil of Verplanck leads the school with his three-pound bass. So don’t forget to sign up.

Hook, Line & Sinker: August 6, 2014

Week of July 29
Fishing in our area of the Catskills continues to be productive although more in the reservoirs than in our rivers and streams which remain higher than the average due to consistent rain and thunderstorms.
The Pepacton Reservoir has been producing lots of fish, although somewhat lighter in weight than in the past.
PULLING IT IN — This youngster recently hauled in this nice catch from the Pepacton Reservoir. — Photo courtesy of Al’s Sport Store, DownsvillePULLING IT IN — This youngster recently hauled in this nice catch from the Pepacton Reservoir. — Photo courtesy of Al’s Sport Store, Downsville

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