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Here's the Scoop: July 15, 2009

The Wild Life
Sometimes, column topics change. Other times, they are reinforced.
This is one of those times.
This week’s topic was going to be about the adventures of moving to the “country” and the different types of experiences vs. the “city” living (Arkville) we had enjoyed over the years.

Here's the Scoop: July 8, 2009

“Facts” are checked
Once again, this column has been a lightening rod for controversy. Rumor has it that at least one reader took exception to the fact that I may have hinted last week that the late (apparently VERY great) actor John Ritter garnered a wee bit too much attention when he died.

Here's the Scoop: July 1, 2009

Stars are falling
The world lost a bunch of famous folks over the last week or so. Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon and Billy Mays. Wow.
These people all had varying degrees of fame, but were well-known for different reasons.
When I was in college, anyone who didn’t have THE Farrah Fawcett poster in their room was viewed as somehow lacking in the wonders of higher education. This shapely swimsuit shot provided the type of inspiration that wasn’t found in any college textbook.

Here's the Scoop: June 24, 2009

Can’t make up my mind
It was a few years ago that I obtained my first pair of flip-flops. The best part of this footwear purchase was that the flip-flops were specifically for my daughter’s wedding. Obviously, this was going to be my type of event.
The wedding was great and the flip-flops added to the enjoyment because I didn’t have to worry about keeping them tied.

Here's the Scoop: June 17, 2009

Do I know you?
Well, I survived the second annual Sweeney Family Reunion.
The latest event was a bit different than the first. During the initial reunion, held three years ago, there were many folks who hadn’t seen each other in decades. In people years, that’s pretty long.
There were some new relatives on board this time around, but also many returning Reunion Vets. I guess that means the first reunion was a success. Or else those who attended have short memories.

Here's the Scoop: June 10, 2009

Color me green...along with everyone else
Personally, I am really pleased that the entire world has gone “green.” Evil chemicals, from all indications, are a thing of the past. At least if you believe what you read. While I’m glad that many of the disease-causing chemicals that have been forced upon society are no longer being used, the entire concept does have a troubling side.

Here's the Scoop: June 3, 2009

Welcome to my house
It was like a police interrogation. Without the dead body. Yet.
The story was told to me while I was at a gathering the other evening with some people I had just met. It didn’t matter, though, because like many people who have had a life-altering experience, they were ready to spill their guts.

Here's the Scoop: May 27, 2009

Time to Twitter
I’m running late this week. Must be I’m spending too much time on Twitter again.
OK, that may not be entirely true. In fact, I was not exactly certain what it is that Twitter is — or does — until I looked it up.

Here's the Scoop: May 20, 2009

Whistling in the dark
We hadn’t owned a pet in quite awhile before obtaining a “packaged cat” about a year-and-a-half ago for Christmas. I have detailed a few of the kitty’s exploits in this space, but have some updated observations.
I guess one thing that needs to be cleared up is the “ownership” issue. “Holly” (it’s that Christmas tie-in) is pretty much the owner of the folks who give her a warm place to reside and who feed her (when I remember).

Here's the Scoop: May 13, 2009

Tunes for sale. Cheap.
I heard some disturbing news on the radio this week. Along with all the well-documented effects of our economic Re-Pression, as I like to call it, have been some lesser known side effects.
The story I heard told how one particular shop that purchases used compact discs has been flooded with returns. Apparently the “economic downturn” has plenty of folks turning in their tunes for cash. Now that’s blues music. Or is it green music?

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