Fleischmanns is rebounding

by Dick Sanford, Publisher
For much of the last decade, the Village of Fleischmanns has offered a master class in civics for anyone who has taken the time to watch. As some classes can be, this one has been tough. But last month, they had what might be called a mid-term exam. And from where we sit, this community has passed with flying colors.

Editorial: MCS Superintendent should live in the community

Margaretville Central School district residents and taxpayers will have an opportunity this evening (Wednesday, March 4) to meet the candidates being considered for the post of school district superintendent. Here’s a question that each candidate should face:
“If selected for this post, will you live in our district? “
Here is why the answer matters.

Support for local shopping was encouraging

Shop Local Saturday, by all measures, was a huge success in area communities. Merchants from Roxbury to Andes to Delhi all reported brisk business on Saturday and over the entire holiday weekend.

Roxbury speaker talks about what it means to be a veteran

Editor’s note: The following speech was delivered on Monday by Roxbury resident and U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Brian Perazone during a Veterans Day ceremony at Roxbury Central School. Lt. Col. Perazone is a 29-year Army veteran who has served five war-zone tours of duty during his Army career. The editor felt that his understanding of what it means to be a veteran would be of interest to the News’ readers.

By U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Brian Perazone
Greetings to all of you. Veterans, citizens, students, faculty. Thank you all for coming today to partake in this observance of Veterans Day. But in case you don’t realize, November 11th is actually Veterans Day.
How did Veterans Day come to be and why November 11th?

Congressman Chris Gibson deserves re-election

When Congressman Chris Gibson ran for reelection in 2012, his bid was endorsed by every major daily newspaper in the sprawling 19th Congressional District including the Albany Times Union, the Kingston Daily Freeman, the Poughkeepsie Journal, and the Oneonta Daily Star. This year, in his bid for a third two-year term, the Catskill Mountain News, although certainly not a major daily newspaper, urges its readers to send Congressman Gibson back to Washington to continue his good work.

Guest Editorial: Coalition urges good faith

The Coalition for Belleayre applauds the NYSDEC’s staff for concluding that all environmental issues surrounding the development of the Belleayre Resort have been adequately addressed and that the adjudicatory process the project has undergone for the past 14 years should be dismissed. The DEC staff has also concluded that the Belleayre Ski Center Unit Management Plan is complete and ready for release.

Editorial: Carpe Diem

By Dick Sanford
Shared services are all the rage in our public schools. Monday The Daily Star’s lead story reported on several regional school districts sharing everything from administrators to transportation routes to bus maintenance. Jefferson and Stamford have completed a shared-services study and are about to embark on sharing transportation routes and at least one teacher. Jefferson will also share a teacher with Cobleskill.

Editorial: Governor, Make Resort Call

By Dick Sanford, Editor & Publisher
The year was 1998. A 40-year-old guy named Andrew Cuomo was making a name for himself as a tough prosecutor while serving as New York State’s Attorney General, Google was founded, Frank Sinatra died, Mark McGuire broke Roger Maris’ single-season homerun record, and President Bill Clinton was denying allegations about a relationship with “that woman.”

Editorial: "Just Say No" to more NYC land acquisition

I hope our local political leaders “just say no” to New York City’s latest land-buying initiative in the Catskills.
In April, the City announced that it would make at least $15 million available to acquire properties from willing sellers whose homes are currently located in flood zones in the Catskill and Delaware watersheds. Any existing structures on property purchased in this program would be razed and the land would be utilized as green space or for recreational use from then on.

Excuses not factual

After sitting through several hours of comments about Belleayre proposals, I still have two questions. If not this, what? If not now, when?

I heard many speakers use “scare” words we’ve heard for 15 years - words and phrases that don’t even need full sentences around them to stimulate knee-jerk reactions: sprawl, mega, massive, casino, pesticides, stormwater, community character, menial jobs, traffic, ridge line development.
But thankfully, it seems those words no longer have the power to frighten as they once did and the old arguments don’t hold up.

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