At Your Service by Maggie Inge

Area Police News: December 11, 2013

Andrea M. Smithshecter, 33, of Mt. Vision was arrested by state police on November 29 and charged with unlawful possession of marijuana after she was stopped for speeding in Route 28 in Arkville.
Police say she was also charged with speeding and no headlamp.
Smithshecter was issued appearance tickets returnable in Town of Middletown Justice Court on December 19 at 9 a.m.
Linda Caso, 52, of Delhi was arrested by state police on December 4 and charged with DWI following a one-car personal injury accident on Wolf Hollow Road in Andes.

At your service: January 4, 2012

At a gathering over the weekend, someone asked everyone in the crowd to raise their hand if they made New Year’s resolutions and then keep them keep them up if they had kept last year’s resolutions. I was mildly embarrassed as all eyes turned to me, the only one in the room to keep their hand up. The speaker quipped that “we” (everyone but me), just needed to lower our expectations.

At your service: December 28, 2011

The year’s end always brings me to reflection. This week, pen in hand, finds me surrounded by ballots for the Catskill Best Service Awards. As I work on counting the ballots I find myself recalling the names of those who were nominated, year after year, for service above and beyond the call of duty. These are a few who despite or perhaps because of overwhelming circumstances this year, gave of themselves in ways some would consider extraordinary but that is for them business as usual.

At your service: December 14, 2011

…and then one day you look up and it’s almost here – year’s end. It is difficult to say whether you are glad to see it’s over or sorry to see it go. Where did it go?

This year seems to have flown by (much like the ones before it only slightly more challenging). Much was lost in the wake of storms and flooding, but much was gained in the spirit of community. It is not a tradeoff, but there is something special in the ability of this community to come back time and again. There is good reason to look forward with anticipation.

At your service: November 23, 2011

Most of us, for most of the year, spend a considerable amount of time lamenting our condition; there is always something to complain about. This last year has been even worse than usual – an underactive economy and overactive nature. Now we find ourselves at the end of November and all that is supposed to be put aside for a day of thanks giving.

At your service: November 16, 2011

She’s got it. As you enter the restaurant her smile turns your way, she returns her attention to the guests she is serving and before you’ve blinked she is standing there with a warm welcome. She glides across the busy floor like a duck on Lake Tunis, holds out one of the chairs you and your party will need. You don’t notice that she has been carrying menus until you are seated and she hands them to you. You may not know what you will eat or drink or even if she will be waiting on your table; what you do know is that the next 90 minutes of your life are in good hands.

At your service: October 19, 2011

Over the weekend, thousands protested and hundreds were arrested as part of the initiative referred to as Occupy Wall Street (and several other locations around the country.) The movement is rooted in the frustrations arising from the on-going effects of the recession. Much like the Tea Party movement, it is populated by people whose resources have been diminished by the economic downturn and whose fears are that the downward spiral is not going to stop. The difference between the two movements is who they blame for the inequity.

At Your Service: September 21, 2011

It’s been a bad day. Not a hurricane-flood bad day, although it is raining (again); it’s the garden-variety bad day – the kind that everyone has from time to time. It is the kind of day when one notices that the skies are grey and everything else is painted in the same hue.

At Your Service: August 17, 2011

The sound of children’s laughter is like no other. The high-pitched squeals that punctuate the constant rumble of joy expressed give special meaning to summer days. Add to that the reverberations off the sun-dappled waters at Pine Hill Lake or a favorite swimming hole and you have a perfect moment.

At Your Service: July 13, 2011

As a child, I watched America’s first forays into space on a grainy black and white television set. On Friday, as the Apollo shuttle made its last trip into space, high def TV enabled me to again be a part of the action. Even though I have never been more than a witness to the space program, it has always felt like something we were doing together.

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