At Your Service by Maggie Inge

At Your Service by Margaret Inge is a weekly column that examines a number of business issues directly related to the Central Catskills’ service economy.

At Your Service: Jan. 7, 2009

Last week it was a new year and already it seems we are back to business as usual. Business as usual, that is, if you have become accustomed to operating based on fear.

At Your Service: Dec. 30, 2008

The year 2008 was a remarkable one. Historical in very literal ways and noteworthy in others. At its end, we can gain a new perspective with 20/20 hindsight.

At Your Service: Dec. 10, 2008

Time has gone into acceleration mode – it is December. Physics tells me that time proceeds at the very same pace through March as it does through December, but my experience tells a very different story.
Each year I stand at the top of December, as if it were a mountain. My skis are strapped on and the best I can hope for is that the mogul field will be short and the snow forgiving. If I gather enough speed in the first week, the downhill ride will be smooth (that is, I will remain upright); if, on the other hand, I stall early, I will struggle until the inevitable drop off to the last week (and probably do my world-famous face plant tumble into it).

At Your Service: Dec. 3, 2008

There are many powerful words in the English language – words that seem to radiate with a power of their own to be self-fulfilling. One of these is the four-letter word: can’t. When you believe that something can’t be done, you will always be right that it can’t be done by you.

At Your Service: Nov. 26, 2008

Thanksgiving is an extraordinary holiday and uniquely American. We all know the story of the first Thanksgiving: after a hard year on Massachusetts shores during which many lives were lost, in 1621 the surviving Pilgrims shared a celebratory harvest feast with their neighbors, the Wampanoags. It was a one-time expression of amazement that they had survived and gratitude that the abundance of the new harvest would enable them to make it through the cold, hard winter to come.